mv.NET Version 4: Making Microsoft Work for MultiValue!

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies,  is pleased to announce the general availability of the latest version of its extensive toolset designed for creating Microsoft .NET-based applications requiring access to MultiValue databases: mv.NET Version 4.

mv.NET provides a 100% native .NET interface to all major MultiValue database platforms allowing .NET developers to access all aspects of the MultiValue system (both data and program code) from within the .NET application.  It also offers a wealth of end-user capabilities allowing the developer to rapidly create feature-rich, high performance applications using the powerful tools provided by Microsoft's .NET environment.

The main thrust of Version 4.0 of mv.NET is to extend support for newer operating system platforms and .NET frameworks along with enhanced support for various foreign language-based Windows installations.  The launch of Version 4 also introduces a new product called mv.SSIS, a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) component which provides complete integration of the mv.NET ADO.NET provider with the SSIS environment.  This allows drag-and-drop creation of standard SSIS packages within the SSIS design studio, providing seamless transfer of data between MultiValue databases and SQL. 

“The mv.SSIS product follows in the footsteps of its other sibling BlueFinity products by providing the SSIS developer with a tightly integrated, natural extension to the native SSIS environment allowing them to seamlessly incorporate MultiValue data sources into their existing or new SSIS workflow packages,” explains Pete Loveless, CEO of BlueFinity International.  “It effectively opens up the entire SQL Server set of tools and utilities to MultiValue database users."

Along with support for both 32 and 64-bit operating system platforms, mv.NET Version 4 includes support for Framework 2.0 and 3.5.  “In today’s fast changing world, some VARs and end-users will have deployed Framework 2.0 based applications, yet new work is almost certainly going to require Framework 3.5,” continues Loveless.  “Bluefinity is committed to enabling both frameworks to coexist and to providing ongoing support for new versions of the .NET Framework.”

Other enhancements include support for Visual Studio 2008, a socket connectivity option for D3 databases, and performance enhancements to the Session Manager which reduces the connection/session allocation overhead and results in even quicker session allocation performance for client applications.

David Cooper, Lead Developer at BlueFinity, explains: “This latest release demonstrates BlueFinity's commitment and ability to deliver an aggressive product development path, focused on allowing MultiValue developers to participate as first-class citizens of the Microsoft developer community.”

Since finding its feet with its partnership with Mpower1 International, BlueFinity International has delivered a series of products offering superb programmer productivity along with components encompassing feature rich, business application centric functionality to the MultiValue community.  BlueFinity is one of four MultiValue companies in Mpower1’s MultiValue stable, which means they already have the endorsement of a large company, excellent and dedicated management, and the financial backing required for future development.  

“The new Version 4 release lays some important foundations for a number of very exciting product developments in 2009,” says Cooper.  “These new developments will provide the MultiValue community with an even greater range of choice of how to develop enterprise class applications leveraging the best of both the MultiValue and Microsoft technology sets.” 

BlueFinity is planning a one day technical seminar in Denver, Colorado on Friday, March 27th at the Westin Westminster Hotel to showcase the product set and take an in-depth technical look at the advanced functionality by way of live demonstrations and presentations with BlueFinity developers. 

A detailed list of Version 4 enhancements as well as access to free webinars and evaluations of BlueFinity products can be found at "Heads Up on Version 4".

About BlueFinity International

BlueFinity International supplies leading-edge software development tools and consultancy services to the MultiValue database and Microsoft developer communities. The flagship product, mv.NET, is a comprehensive solution for developers wishing to access MultiValue databases from within Microsoft's .NET environment. mv.NET provides a 100% native .NET interface to all MultiValue database platforms, allowing .NET developers to access all aspects of MultiValue systems, data and program code,from within their .NET application. As a thriving member of Mpower1 International's Business Management Programs, BlueFinity is backed by a forward thinking organization with an excellent and dedicated management team, clear vision, strong mission and the financial backing required for future development.

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