Connect 360 International Inks Deal with PRD Partnership Ltd.

Connect 360 International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, is pleased to announce an agreement allowing UK-based PRD Partnership Ltd. to market and sell Connect 360’s Coview® document control and management solution.

PRD offers a range of tools and techniques that enable companies to commercialise their ideas (products, services or processes) using a mix of traditional and creative techniques.  As part of their offering, PRD will now market and sell a version of Coview aimed at smaller companies called Coview Lite. 

The Coview Distributed Document Lifetime Control and Management System provides a way for originators and publishers to distribute and yet still retain control of electronic files and digital content across a large number of personal computing devices. This content could be any object stored on a computer including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, music, images and video.  By establishing direct electronic links with the customer’s desktop, Coview offers a proven method of controlling and maintaining these files once they have been distributed and stored locally by the content owner’s partners, agents and customers. 

Unlike other traditional forms of distribution, Coview provides companies with lifetime control and visibility of how their products are being used to the furthest reaches of the supply chain through business rules and by delivering valuable metrics, back to the publisher. These metrics include how often a document has been read, an image, presentation or video clip viewed, a sound file has been played -- and Coview does this across populations from tens to millions of users.

Coview Lite was specifically developed at the request of PRD Partnership to serve the needs of small to medium size businesses.  "From our experience of providing document control across the Internet for large corporations, we recognise the need for an entry level product for business professionals to use to control their critical documentation,” explains Greg Wood, Director of Connect 360 International.  “With information and e-mail overload it makes sense for them to establish a secure link between themselves and their client base.  Coview Lite provides a secure method of moving and controlling business critical documentation and information. Our relationship with PRD will help us develop the Coview Lite potential with the SME space by positioning its operational and financial benefits through a team of professionals who are already servicing that market with their expertise."

Derek Cheshire, Director of PRD, is a specialist in providing creative and innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes and types.  He explains, “After researching Coview, it was immediately clear that this product would enhance our portfolio of world class solutions and allow us to answer the growing requirement for document control in our customer base.  A product like Coview Lite is exactly the type of innovative product which will allow our small to medium size customers to progress.”

Coview Lite is available now from PRD Partnership. For more information about Coview from Connect 360, visit


About Connect360 International

Connect 360 International is dedicated to the development, marketing and support of a range of software components, known collectively as Coview. Coview is a secure, internet-based communication gateway direct to your customers desktop. The unique technology provided by Coview fundamentally changes the way valuable multimedia content is published, consumed and maintained. The system supports many areas of business from administration, operations and retail services through to marketing, sales and compliance.  Since partnering with Mpower1, Connect 360 International has grown from a UK based software company to global operation with a network of offices and distributors spread internationally.

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