REACH - are you compliant?

July 2013: Interview with REACH Delivery director Malcolm Carroll and article in:

 Operations Management (Institute of Operations Management)

Article title -  REACH: are you compliant?

Summary:  The deadline has passed for companies that manufacture or import in the EU phase-in (those already pre-registered )substances in quantities above 100t a year to register their chemicals with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Many SMEs now come under REACH this time and many of these companies will no doubt have found the process of compliance complex ,time-consuming and challenging.... 

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About REACH Delivery

REACH Delivery is a purpose built solution that provides an industry wide delivery and document control service for manufacturers, importers, distributors and downstream users. It supports the document delivery, receipt, control, update, audit and tracking requirements as set out as part of the REACH regulations. The system has at its core, a secure, internet-based communication gateway, which links directly between all companies subject to REACH regulations, and the company’s customers and suppliers. In addition, the service is able to demonstrate compliance and reduce the risk of enforcement and legal action.

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