Mpower1 owns or has acquired full or majority ownership in the companies detailed below.  Mpower1 Group now comprises a Multi-Value division (jBASE, BlueFinity, BAS, SC Sys), a Document delivery compliance division (REACH Delivery, Connect360) and an ECO friendly safety division (Pedalite, Inventive Step).  Mpower1 is historically strong with IT companies, Computer software and financial/compliance solutions.

Please review some of the subsidiaries that are part of the Mpower1 group & visit their websites below.

jBASE International Inc & Ltd

BlueFInity International Inc & Ltd

BAS International Inc & Ltd

 click here for more on jBASE...  click here for more on BlueFinity...  click here for more on BAS...  

or visit the jBASE International Website

or visit the BlueFinity Website

or visit the BAS International Website




REACH Delivery Inc & Ltd

Connect 360 International Ltd


Pedalite International Ltd


 click here for more on REACH Delivery...

 click here for more on Connect360...

 click here for more on Pedalite...


or visit the REACH Delivery Website

or visit the Connect 360 Website

or visit the Pedalite International Website




In addition to the companies listed above, Mpower1 Group either owns or has interests in multiple other organisations.  These include:

 Inventive Step ...and others  



Mpower1 UK companies and Subsidiaries registered numbers: jBASE International Reg. No. 04088672, jBASE Holdings 04393366, BlueFinity International  Reg. No. 05447805, Connect360 International Reg. No. 05886220, SC Systems Ltd. Reg. No. 04143080, BAS International Reg. No. 06352730, REACH Delivery International Reg. No. 4375669, Pedalite International Reg. No. 06298713, Inventive Step Reg. no. 03478820, Mpower1 International 9173559 . All Mpower1 companies and subsidiaries are also registered in the UK at Registered Office: 8/10 South Street, Epsom, Surrey KT18 7PF.


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