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Mpower1 is a group of companies operating in the IT, compliance and energy harvesting markets worldwide. 

Specialising in computer software, Mpower1 have developed successful companies that provide, amongst other products;

Award winning .Net middleware from BlueFinity

Banking software specialist consulting and services

Application and special project development services

Electronic document delivery and  REACH compliance

.

Mpower1 can acquire your subsidiary or company or work on a royalties basis for partners to retain some ownership

Have you acquired a business that has divisions you want to spin off ?

Do you have an existing customer base but technology need updating ?

Mpower1 will acquire and invest in the right technology companies, often acquiring a division taken on as part of a larger acquisition and now surplus to requirements.   In some cases Mpower1 will establish a royalties based partnership model that allows for retention of key assets by the partner company


Contact Mpower1 today to discuss how our unique Business Management program can help you.

All sorts of companies around the world have benefited and can benefit  partnering with Mpower1!

Mpower1 has worked with highly successful companies, from the largest multi nationals to small start ups, in many countries worldwide. 

In every case a tailored approach of identifying the right approach with the desired result has delivered a successful outcome. 

Read about some of the Mpower1 success stories >>


Investment groups specifically benefit, with Mpower1 often able to help realize value from a challenged investment that was losing value or a division or subsidiary that does not fit with a companies strategic direction.


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 Mpower1 group of companies

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