Founded in early 2002, Mpower1 has now grown into a group of companies operating in the IT, compliance and energy harvesting markets worldwide. 

Operating from offices around the world and specializing in computer software, Mpower1 provides resources and skills for accelerated growth, business creation/ turnaround, regional growth and market development.



How We Operate

Mpower1 acquires subsidiaries or companies that are surplus to requirements after an acquisition or no longer fits with the core business as its parent grows.  In some cases Mpower1 will also work on a royalties basis for partners to retain some ownership

We then provide an infrastructure that incorporates investment, management, support, marketing, sales and all other aspects of a successful business operation to these organisations, helping them expand into new markets, achieve exponential growth, consolidate an existing position or recover from a challenge. We are able to call upon and deploy a highly experienced team of directors, senior level employees and a global infrastructure that delivers an extensive knowledge of many international markets.  Key to our success is the experience to manage the unexpected or unwanted and the necessary network of contacts around the world to achieve accelerated growth.

What We Have Done

Mpower1 have developed successful companies that provide, amongst other products;

The jBASE multi value database and associated extended toolset

Mpower1 Group also holds patents that they have leveraged to produce unique battery free light up bicycle pedals, eco friendly lights for bags, arms and legs in the equestrian, walking and cycling markets

Award winning .Net middleware from BlueFinity

Application and special project development services

Electronic document delivery &  REACH compliance

Holding Company:

Mpower Partnership LLP  (No. OC321178)


Head Office:

Hamilton House, 111 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1BB, United Kingdom

Further offices in the UK, USA and Asia



     UK: HSBC          USA: Bank of America



Williams and Co, Epsom, UK.


Corporate Responsibility:

Mpower1 is the proud sponsor of the International Children’s charity “The Golden Tapestry”.


Careers with Mpower1
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Registered Offices in the UK;
Registered Office: 8-10 South Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7PF



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 Mpower1 group of companies

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