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Mpower1 provides an infrastructure that incorporates investment, management, support, sales and all other aspects of a successful business operation to companies looking to expand into new markets, achieve exponential growth, consolidate an existing position or recover from a challenge. Mpower1 calls upon a highly experienced team of directors, senior level employees and its global infrastructure to deliver an extensive knowledge of many international markets, the experience to manage the unexpected or unwanted and the necessary network of contacts around the world to achieve accelerated growth. Specifically aimed at companies seeking growth or that have seen their business stall, Mpower1 is a fast growing dynamic company offering an innovative approach of either Mpower1 acquisitions or flexible shared risk/shared reward ventures.

Low risk, success based options for growth and alternatives to failure, stagnation or liquidation

Mpower1 offers a unique solution, establishing flexible ventures with qualifying companies, creating regional subsidiaries and in some cases acquiring part or all of the share capital while allowing the original owners to maintain equity or a pre-agreed buy back. The experience and extensive global network of Mpower1 provide an advantage to companies that need to move forward and reduce the risks inherent in all other options.

Able to help companies:
seeking growth
that to enter new markets
that have stalled
that are in trouble
nearing liquidation

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Mpower1 Acquisitions

Experience (Management Team)
Mpower1 is able to call upon high levels of experience that the company would otherwise be unable to gain access to. Proven track records in company set up, sales and business development are combined with extensive knowledge of international markets. This is supplemented by a network of contacts with familiarity and understanding of local business practices in many countries worldwide. 

Legal and Accounting
Financial engineering, appropriate contracts and relationships, investment, cash flow management, partnerships and disputes are just a few of the challenges that Mpower1 have both the experience in managing.  As companies evolve and grow these areas produce new challenges that need to be addressed in new ways.  Mpower1 has the ability to call upon the best of the best partners to manage these challenges for Mpower1 companies.  

Sales and Marketing
All too often the old adage of "build it and they will come" is disproved. Sales and marketing are two different disciplines and so much more that just hiring a few sales people. Mpower1 have the ability to deliver professional sales management that gets the best out of existing teams. Proven track records in sales and business development are combined with extensive knowledge of marketing in different markets and industry verticals. Mpower1 are able to restart stalled sales, deliver new markets and manage OEM, Value Added Reseller and distribution programs. 

Administration Infrastructure
Mpower1 is able to provide the infrastructure or fill gaps in the infrastructure of companies as they grow.  From offices to phone numbers, invoicing to credit control, telemarketing to websites; Mpower1 have a proven capability in delivering the evolving infrastructure to companies.  

Strategic Planning
Real strategic planning for a company is so much more than producing a document. Mpower1 have professionals in strategic planning for their companies and are able to identify top down and bottom up strategies together with continual improvement plans that allow the true potential of companies to be unleashed.


Shared Risk / Shared Rewards Ventures

Guaranteed Buy-Back Assured Ownership Working with third party companies often entails losing ownership of potentially lucrative markets. It also means that the supplier does not retain a relationship with the customer and risks losing supplemental revenue to the third party. The guaranteed buy back option offered through the Mpower1 Joint Venture provides the supplier with assured future ownership and direct access to the market and customers. Mpower1 will significantly reduce all major areas of risk associated with traditional overseas ventures.  The risks of employing inadequate staff or distributors are avoided as quality personnel are assured through Mpower1, the costs of the venture are substantially lower than going it alone and by using highly experienced resource, the risk of lost opportunity is greatly reduced. 

Time to Market
Time is often a critical element in finding success in a specific market.  The access Mpower1 has to experienced personnel provides for initial sales processes to be undertaken without the potentially long delays associated with finding, re-deploying and training staff. 

Retaining Control of Software
One of the main concerns in using third party agents or distributors is the loss of control of software. Quality is often impaired but the risk of copied or stolen software is also a major problem.  The Mpower1 approach ensures that the software and documentation resides with the company, where the supplier has board representation and significant ownership and therefore maintains control. 

Accounting and Balance Sheet
An investment into a joint venture increases the assets on an Mpower1 customer’s balance sheet making the asset base look more favorable and it does not impact the company’s revenue. In many instances it appears that this can also be done in a tax favorable manner

Market Lockout
A significant problem when entering a new market with either new staff or a distributor is that for the initial period of agreement or employment, the supplier is virtually locked out of a market. The length of time is often extended as there are always discussions under way with ‘a great prospect’.  This lockout can often result in a lost market for the product.  With the Mpower1 approach, the supplier can be directly involved and can therefore monitor both the markets and the opportunities. With a place on the board the supplier always has influence on the direction to be taken.  In extreme circumstances the supplier is always able to resume control through early buy back or failure induced exit.


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